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poem by
©anna lee /2014

the humblest of all creatures

gypsy sisters were bartered
for gold, spices and horses
rosicrucian followers

the ghost of bantu was loan
from tibet and timbuktu
dulcimer and zither play

the humblest of all creatures
and God’s most beautiful one
beautiful than the shining stars
who only bites for self-defense
the snake is innocent

o creature of moon, sun, and stars
o snake the humblest of all
rosicrucian followers, oh!

dulcimer, zither, and the gypsy sisters
anansi decreed: you’ll always be
a go between. and
all souls’ free on haloween!

©anna lee /2014

(Source: canyildizz)


with the sound of spring rain

under the lust of the heart
unilluminated desires
and tremendous
mysteries of experience
why should i have shakes off
the deciduous,
unrelinqueshed one

the vermilion
pomegranate blossom
have you ever listened to my
expression of agony
pictured me
don’t paint
and from there, try to preserve

how many miseries
did i uttered
shrouded in
evening’s sombre shade
the parterre within
neither jewels or
something complicated
with the
sound of rain…

kiss awhile
with the sound of spring rain
where french
was something
rarely in my

where perfume
i wore
wakes you up

poem by
©anna lee /2014

(Source: flowersgardenlove)

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